Company Policy for the Quality- and Environmental Management System

Revision 1

SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN OILFIELD TECHNOLOGY GmbH manufactures products for the Oilfield-/Aerospace industry in accordance with the general introduced Quality- and Environmental management system and to customer demands.
The principle objective of the Quality- and Environmental management system is to fulfill both the product related requirements and the customer demands with special respect on planning of resources and energy savings.
Following topics are of major interest:
  • The production of high quality products in line with environmental aspects, on timedelivery and a fair price policy.
  • Implementation of a Quality and Environmental awareness and responsibility of the staff due to periodically trainings.
  • Definition of quantifiable parameter for Quality and Environment at relevant area within the organization.
  • A strong commitment to all relevant parties to manufacture the products according to legal, environmentally and customer related demands and to take all efforts to reduce environmental loads and safe energy.
  • Selection of suppliers and subcontractors according to predefined performance- and environmental indicator and with respect to the legal compliance.
  • SBOT support new ideas and establish both internal and external training programs for all employees to improve the competence and knowhow.
  • Achievement of excellent performance ratings with respect to customer requirements listed in drawings and specifications.
  • SBOT strive to be a reliable partner for our customer. We collaborate on a mutual base to improve our products by developing new methods on processing and machining as well as on research for new materials.
Release: Herr Wurzer / 13.02.2018