Einlippenbohren Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology


Controlled drilling with our

patented directional drilling technology.

Drilling diameter from 0,078 to 0,98 in

and drilling depth 450 x D.



On our special Gundrilling machines we can drill centric and eccentric holes from a diameter of 0,08 in.

Drilling depths with a maximum L/D of 500 are possible. Our patented directional drilling system guarantees minimal drilling. This deep drilling method also allows us to create machining operations with a specific course (see illustration)


  • high surface quality

  • extreme L/D ratios possible

  • specialised in materials that are difficult to machine

Special Drilling Types

  • deflected gun hole
  • Stepped bores


  • Ferritic & austenitic steels
  • Duplex & superduplex steels
  • Nickel & titanium alloys
  • Bronze & copper alloys

Gundrilling – The Process

A characteristic feature of Gundrilling is that the cooling lubricant is supplied through a cooling channel in the tool.

The chips are removed from the bore together with the coolant through the V-shaped groove (bead) of the drill shank. This is only possible if deep drilling oil or emulsion is available in sufficient quantity and pressure.

Worth knowing: Deep drilling lexicon, Botek, TBT

Key Technical Data

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