Goose Neck Drilling

Goose Neck Drilling

is our patented

EDM technology

for the production

of curved holes

Goose Neck Drilling

Goose Neck Drilling

The erosion process – Goose Neck Drilling – short GND – developed together with the TU Vienna makes it possible to drill curved bores into workpieces.

After five years of development, Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology applied for a patent in 2015.

Gooseneck drilling

GND allows the creation of deflected bores with controlled flow inside a metallic workpiece by using EDM processes.


  • Extremely hard materials are machined with high dimensional accuracy

  • Complex geometries pose no problem

Application Examples

EDM with sparks is used where mechanical machining of difficult-to-machine materials reaches its limits or where mechanical machining is not possible due to geometric requirements.


  • high-strength steels
  • high-alloy metals

Goose Neck Drilling – The Process

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a thermal manufacturing material-removing process for conductive materials based on electrical discharge between an electrode and a conductive workpiece.

The complete machining of the workpiece takes place in a non-conductive liquid, which is usually deionised water or oil.

Key Technical Data

Manufacturing Optionsmin.max.
Drill Diameter1,25 inDefine to project specifications
Radius12 in10 x drill diameter
Angel distraction currently--10° distraction in radius 10xd

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